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Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice
Two 8-ounce bottles by Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice

Fulfilled by our friends at Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice

Two 8-ounce bottles. Enough for two applications on yards 6,000–8,000 feet, or one application for larger yards.

Full of all-natural, all-American, all-amazing, pest-repelling power.

Enjoy your outdoor living area again with Mama Nature’s Mosquito juice. We help you stop the swat—naturally!

Our pesticide-free formula repels mosquitoes and ticks. It’s safe for kids and pets, but works hard enough to wipe out 80–85% of irritating insects from your yard in only one use.

With two bottles, you are ready to apply again within 21 days. A second treatment will take care of 90–95% of biting pests. Mama Nature’s patented concentrate is simple to apply with our one-gallon sprayer (sold separately).

  • Lasts up to six weeks*
  • Enough product to cover most yards (calculate your cover here)**
  • Spray on grass, mulch, tree canopies and shrubs
  • Reapply every 17-21 days for maximum results

Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice can only ship to U.S. addresses at this time.

*If there’s a long period of wet weather, you may need to reapply Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice sooner.
**An 8-ounce bottle of Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice mixed with a gallon of water will provide enough product to cover 6,000–8,000 square feet.