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January 03, 2019 3 min read

Top 14 Garden Gifts for the Holidays

What better gift can you give your loved ones than the gift of gardening.  These 14 gifts are our GSG favorites.

Number 1

Aqua Farm.


Give a miniature ecosystem this year for Christmas.  How it works you ask?  The fish produces ammonia which turns to nitrates, the plants eat the nitrates and the plants clean the water.  It’s the circle of life (you know how the song goes.)  We can’t tell you how much we love this product.  Wrap Aqua Farm up and put “From [your name]”.  You won’t regret it.


Number 2

Garden Gnomes

All these years we have left one very important thing out of our gardens, Hispanic garden gnomes.  But now with el Gnombre your garden can finally be complete.  De nada.


Number 3

Mushroom Kit

Ya mushrooms are annoying when they’re growing in your lawn but when they’re growing on your kitchen counter top it’s like magic, wizard tricks.  Watch mushrooms grow in your kitchen in just 10 days.  Give the gift of growing to your mushroom loving friend.  Not that mushroom loving friend.  Buy Mushroom Kit Here


Number 4

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Stuff your stockings with Baker Creek Heirloom seeds. These aren’t just your regular seeds.  Baker Creek cultivates rare heirloom seeds from the 19th century, many from Asian and Europe.  This company promotes agriculture and culinary heritage.  It’s perfect for the gardener and food enthusiast. It is a museum of rare seeds.


Number 5

Root Vue Farm


What’s exciting about root vegetables when you can’t see the process of the fruits of your labor?  Well all that changes with Root Vue Farm.  Watch carrots grow before your very eyes as everything is exposed.  These root vegetables are totally naked!


Number 6

Leaf Scoops

Leaf Scoops

Give the gift of convenience this year to your hard working significant other.  Sometimes five fingers aren’t good enough.  This handy helping hand picks up your entire yard of leaves, or anything for that matter, in half the time.


Number 7

Mezzo Mod Dish


This is the sexiest garden gift.  That’s right I said sexy and garden in the same sentence.  It’s sleek, bold and modern.  You can fill it with succulents, herbs or your freshly picked garden produce.


Number 8

Seed Paper Planter


Not only is this product made of 100% recyclable materials but it is for those of us who don’t have a green thumb and could kill a cactus.  The Paper Planter needs absolutely no care.  Just place it in a warm place and watch it grow!


Number 9

The Tiny Farmer


The Tiny Farmer is equipping your kids with all the cutest garden swag.  And they even make garden shirts for adults so you and your kids can be swag-a-licious together.  If you’re a true gardening enthusiast then you and your kids should sport Tiny Farmer.


Number 10

Grow Box


Transplant heirloom seeds and the most nutrient rich soil into your home with Grow box.  This is the kind of nutrient rich soil whose mom never let him eat at McDonalds.  Teach your kids how to grow heirloom seeds right in your family room.  Grow Box offers the quality difference you can taste.


Number 11

Source Succulents


Not only are succulents beautiful but you couldn’t kill them if you tried.  They are the cockroaches of the gardening world, they just don’t die.  No need to wonder if succulents fit your friends unique style, succulents fit in any style of home and personality.


Number 12

Paper White Bulb


You can have spring in your home year round with Modern Sprout’s Paper White Bulb.  This beautiful flower sits in a sleek recycled glass vase.  Buy Paperwhite bulb and chase winter away.


Number 13

The Garden Stamp

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.47.21 PM

Planting seeds just got so much easier thanks to this handy little stamp.  Winning the “Fresh Ideas/New Products Award at Cultivate’14” the Garden Stamp makes what was once a long and tedious process, short, simple and consistent.  The Garden Stamp is a foot by foot pegged stamp that creates consistently spaced seed imprints.  Unevenly spaced seeds will never be a problem again.


Number 14




If you haven’t planted a garden before, you probably should.  This EarthBox comes with everything you need to get started minus the water and plants. It even comes with wheels.



You can win every single one of these great items in our Grow Something Green’s 12 Days of Giveaways.  Enter here!

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