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February 06, 2019 1 min read

If you thought this Gourd and Squash tunnel was Amazing, check out these other Fantastical and GOURDeous tunnels.

gourd tunnel and squash tunnel

This Gourd Tunnel is in Rachapruek Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo by bwaters23 on Flickr

pumpkin tunnel

This one is something else. Pumpkin tunnel in Taiwan.

Photo from bigpumpkins.com

pumpkin tunnel taiwan

And we have another amazing pumpkin tunnel. This one is in Miaoli County in Taiwan

Image from taipeitimes.com

squash guord tunnel yellow

This Gourd Arch is in Helmingham Hall, Stowmarket, Suffolk.

Image from harpurgardenimages.thirdlight.com

gourd tunnel in south korea

You can find this gourd tunnel in Wolseong Park in South Korea

Image from bloodriceandnoodles.blogspot.com

gourd pumpkin tunnel

This awesome Gourd Tunnel is in the Netherlands at a Pumpkin Feast.

Image from jackdawhollow.blogspot.com

squash tunnels

You can even do this if you’ve got the space. This homemade squash tunnel is in Central Maryland.

Made by Square Foot Gardening 4 U


squash and gourd tunnel

And finally we have this amazing  GOURDeous gourd and squash tunnel is in Taiwan.


If you’re looking to make a squash, melon, or gourd tunnel we’ve found a great tutorial, check out deeprootsathome.com for good step by step instructions on how to make a squash/gourd tunnel.

And if you’re looking for supplies to make your very own gourd/squash tunnel you can find some here.

Leave a comment or post a picture of a gourd/squash tunnel you’ve seen or have on our Facebook page.

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