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January 25, 2019 1 min read

We love gardening and growing things and we love Giveaways, especially when we can giveaway products that help people to get GROWING too! Check out the Giveaway we are doing with  Sprout World right now and these fantastic Sprout Pencils we are giving away!


We have 5 packages of the world’s first pencil that grows! These pencils are made of high quality cedar wood, and can be used like ordinary pencils to draw, write, shade, sketch, or whatever. But once you are done using them don’t toss them out! These are Pencils you can plant once you’re done using them and they grow fresh herbs, peppers, and tomatoes! So instead of throwing your pencil stubs away, plant them into something beautiful, fun, and delicious!

Sprout comes in 7 different herbs:

– basil
– cilantro
– dill
– mint
– rosemary
– sage
– thyme

And comes in…

-Tomato and Green Pepper

If you want one,  you’ve got to head over to our instagram to win!

But you better go quick, because this Giveaway ends October 7th at 10pm PST.

Giveaway is open to the world too!

sprouting seed pencil

pepper plant sprout pencil

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